IJJI.com Hacked.

Update – it seems like IJJI.com has been hacked about 4 times now, each by different groups. As of this update it directs to DXT gaming (http://dxtgaming.com/) All I can say is iJJi is getting owned pretty hard, you would think that they would have some sort of protection for such a sophisticated gaming network but instead they’ve left themselves vulnerable to many attacks. Let’s hope the sites DB or any personal information wasn’t extracted. Just goes to show not every site is safe from attack.

Had to post about this one. IJJI was hacked. Little information is out on who did it except that the website redirects to (http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=L3L0963Z) and quoted “Owned by n0ths hacker group.” Video below to prove it was real. (may still be processing)

Some are saying it was an ex-webmaster but nothing has been confirmed atm. Either way props to the group and hopefully this will be a lesson to Ijji to fix up their security.

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  1. it was confirmed by ijji themselves that there was a mainstream hacker and ijji just happened to get stuck in the middle of it. or that what the forum said when it was available. hopefully this is resolved quickly and hacker who cause trouble in the world are punished for invasion of privacy and stuff like that

  2. this was not the real work of n0ths, first off N0ths have been gone for almost two years. And they never called themselves "N0ths Hacking Group" they called themselves "N0ths Security Team" or simply n0ths, most of the time.

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